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    Changing Lives Through Fitness!

    Liv Ezy is a community where you learn, get motivated & transform all in a sustainable and easy way.

    Our Journey
    LIV EZY ONLINE FITNESS PRIVATE LIMITED (formerly known as Ral Fitness) was established in April 2019 with a vision to change people’s lives through fitness in the most sustainable and easy way and at the same time to build an online fitness community. We strongly believe that any fitness goal can be achieved without intensive and extreme diets or training routines hence our approach towards nutrition and training is catered to your lifestyle making it easy and sustainable.
    Updates & Checkups
    Daily check-ins to track your progress.
    Customized Workout
    A workout routine as unique as you.
    Personalized Diet Plans
    A diet plan tailored to your preferences.

    Our Success Stories

    Membership Plans

    Individual Coaching Plans

    We have carefully devised comprehensive plans to help you on your journey to exceptional health & well being. All programmes provide complete workout plans, diets & customer support. We advise you to select the package that is best suited to your lifestyle and is something you can commit to for the best results.

    3 Months Coaching

    *Inclusive of all taxes
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    6 Months Coaching

    24,000/- Monthly billing available
    *Inclusive of all taxes
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    12 Months Coaching

    44,000/- Monthly billing available
    *Inclusive of all taxes
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    Buddy Coaching Plans

    Buddies that train together stay together! Let’s put that to the test! Sign up for our exclusive buddy programme & smash those fitness goals with your partner! This will be a great way to stay motivated and to push each other to achieve the best in your fitness journey. All programmes provide comprehensive workout plans, diets & customer support. We advise you to select the package that is best suited to your lifestyle and is something you can commit to for the best results. So grab your gym buddy and sign up!

    3 Months Buddy Coaching

    *Inclusive of all taxes
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    6 Months Buddy Coaching

    *Inclusive of all taxes
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    12 Months Buddy Coaching

    *Inclusive of all taxes
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    Why Online Fitness Coaching?

    In an increasingly rapid world, staying fit becomes a challenge. Frequent traveling, fast-paced lifestyle, time commitments, and work pressure mean the regular gym session might get a miss. However, with the power of smartphones and accessibility, online fitness coaching has become a natural solution to it.The concept is simple - a gym trainer is there only for the 1 hr in the gym and if you are traveling somewhere, not even for that. Online fitness coaches train you remotely and because of that, location is never a problem. Moreover, online fitness coaching comes at a fraction of the cost of hiring a personal trainer and hence is good on the wallet as well. These coaches are certified from ACE, CSCS, and ISSA and have with them a streak of success stories of weight loss, muscle gain, post-pregnancy, etc. Another major reason people tend to swing towards online coaching is the accessibility that comes with it, in the long term. They can provide you with customized workout training plans and nutrition plans so that you can stay on your fitness goals even when you are traveling or are having a party.
    To think of it, the idea of a fitness coach has stayed the same throughout history -- someone who helps you stay fit and achieve your fitness goals. And with the rise in smartphone use, every area of our life has been impacted positively, in the same way, fitness has also improved with the advent of online fitness coaching. Online fitness coaching includes personalized workout plans, nutrition, and diet plans, lifestyle advice, on-demand help through messages and calls. Online personal trainers also help you stay aimed at your fitness goals by pushing and motivating you. Increasingly, online personal trainers today also have their apps and video services so that you have personal access to them and can reach out to them directly.
    The answer to it is very personal and will depend on the individual - if you are someone who can wake up and get to the gym by yourself, follow a diet and a workout program then getting fitness coaching might not provide much value add. However, if you are someone who works the best when pushed and motivated and wants a personalized workout plan tailored according to your goal (can be as simple as reducing weight to as specific as getting that wedding bod!), fitness coaching will help you stay on track and smash that goal. And with the help of online fitness coaching, the once propagated idea that personalized fitness coaching is only the luxury of the rich is being proved false. Online coaching costs a fraction of what personal trainers are hired at and provides the added benefits of accessibility, one-on-one guidance, and nutrition plans.
    One of the dilemmas when considering fitness coaching is this: online vs physical trainer. Two biggest differences sway me towards online trainers more: accessibility and cost. Hiring an online trainer is cost-effective and because you don’t need them physically present, you can take their benefit anywhere. The biggest example can be when you are traveling. We all know how all of our routine flies out of the window when we are on the road, both in terms of workout and nutritional coaching. Having an online personal coach with us would help you in those times who can give you specific workouts you can do without equipment and the food that you can consume so that you enjoy your vacation as well as stay on track for your fitness goals. Online coaching also comes with nutrition plans where a dedicated nutritionist will help you chart out your diet plan and work alongside your workout coach to ensure your fitness goals are in sync.
    So you have gotten yourself the membership and are looking forward to building your dream physique. How should you proceed and what to keep in mind? First, follow your personal trainer's advice and stick to the plan. You’ve paid them for a good reason and their expertise is why you’ve trusted them. Moreover, it takes time for a workout routine’s effectiveness to be seen, so patience is your friend here. Also, make sure your form is proper and for that, you can shoot yourself doing 1 rep of the exercise and share it with your trainer. They’ll help you improve your form and this helps prevent injuries. Last but not least, keep in touch with your coach throughout the day and not just during gym time. Share your diet pics, update your weight and BMI metrics so that they can make changes to your workout and nutrition plan if required.
    Because starting as an online trainer is so easy, there’s a lot of crowds and it becomes very important to choose the right trainer for your needs and the goals that you have in mind. First of all, go through their website and their Instagram profile to see if they live the life that they are advocating, by that I mean do they workout and eat healthily and stay fit themselves? Second, see their success stories and go through their testimonials. If you can find a transformation that matches your goals, you might have found your trainer! I’d also suggest you have a consultation call with the coach before finalizing anyone because it’s very important to see if the coach is the right fit for you or not. You should also ask what is included in the health and fitness coaching plans -- the best ones include personalized workout plans as well as diet and nutritional plans to make sure your fitness goal is achieved. One last tip that I’d give you is to see what is the preferred method to communicate with the trainer. Many trainers are available only through messages and chats while some trainers don't mind audio and video calls as well as daily audio messages. Go with the ones that suit your personality as well.
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